Hello Everyone!!!

My name is Karina Robinson. I am a currently attending Grand Canyon University. LOPES UP!!! I am studying to get my Bachelors degree in Business Administration. I also have a passion for Marketing and Social media. For a long time, I had heard through different mentors and teachers that I should start a blog or a YouTube channel because I had a lot of creative ideas and things to talk about that I thought could be usefully for others. I always worried about “Who would watch my Vlogs or read my blog posts? I was encouraged by my GCU Marketing Professor, Mindy Weinstein, who encouraged me to start my own blog and personal brand. She encouraged my peers and me to start a blog because it would set us apart from other students when looking for a job, it would look good on our resumes and would help us with our writing skills. And also by my mentor, Moniek Eldridge that reminded me that “People want to hear what you have to say especially since you are currently in college. There will be parents and students wanting to know about your experiences,any useful hacks and tricks to help them have better knowledge about everything GCU.” And this is why I am started a blog. In my blog I will be sharing my life, university transfer experiences, advice on GCU including campus culture, campus food and campus life.

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I am grateful that I am longer afraid to share my thoughts and help those that are curious about going to college or transferring to a university. I just want my readers to know that even though we are going to different colleges, we can learn from each other, encourage and inspire each other to do better for ourselves and communities. I’m excited and grateful to blog about what I like and is passionate about. I can’t wait to start and hope that you all will come with me on this journey. 

Let me know in the comments section, what posts would you like to read next? Any college related or school related? I appreciate you all.

Eat, Pray and Love,

Karina R.

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My College Clothing Essentials|GCU Video

Hello Everybody!!!

HAPPY BELATED THANKSGIVING!! I hope that you all had an amazing time with your family, friends and those close to you. This past week was Thanksgiving Break and it was great. I got to eat good, rest and relax without worrying about homework, papers due and exams that are coming up. It is the greatest feeling ever!! Unfortunately on Monday it is back to the old routine of class, homework and deadlines.

I know this video is SO overdue. I did this video before I left for Welcome Week. I wanted to share with you all, the clothing essentials that I needed for Fall 2017 semester. I hope you enjoy the video and let me know what is your favorite college clothing item that you cannot live without while in college/uni.

Have an amazing Saturday!!!

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